The Meet Your Maker Tour wasn't hatched as a marketing plan but as an extension of what was already happening here in Northern California. When this cadre of industry nerds would get together and ride it was always on exceptional terrain and a welcome chance to catch up with each other, discuss the ever changing bottom bracket standards, and maybe conduct a little industrial espionage. At some point they realized that on any of these given rides there were several of the world’s most talented builders and component makers cruising along some of the world's best trails and roads, and that it might be cool if the public were invited to come along. So the Meet Your Maker Tour was born. With a few phone calls and a couple e-mails they had fourteen builders, two component manufacturers, and a frame component maker on board which speaks volumes about their tightly knit community. They don't see themselves as competing with each other but as caretakers (or maybe janitors?) of a long held Nor-Cal tradition of building bikes that are made to be ridden rather than objectified. That may sound cliché but when you ride with these guys and see what they put their bikes through you realize why sound engineering and construction became hallmarks of the Nor-Cal scene.

They all realize how fortunate they are to live where they do and to have been exposed to a unique culture of bike riding and bike fabrication as they worked their respective ways into this industry. They also realize how fortunate they are to have so many fans of their work so close to home. So in the continued effort to keep the fire lit that keeps them motivated to build bikes, ride bikes, make parts, and generally nerd-out on bikes, they wanted to invite the public to hang out for some back slapping and great riding. Hopefully as the Meet Your Maker Tour evolves it will become a resource for anyone in the Bay Area (and beyond) thinking of buying a custom bike or to simply come out and ride with the group. After all, there's no place in the world that has so many great builders in such a small area, making such a diverse range of bikes and parts, with such great riding right out the front door. So take advantage of that and come out and ride!