Jan 25, 2014

Richmond, CA

This one is pegged for Saturday, January 25 at 9am. Meet up at Paragon Machine Works (253 South 25th St, Richmond CA 94804). It’s a 30 mile road/town/path ride along the Bay Trail to the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island, and Alameda. Along the way we will stop at the Pass & Stow shop in West Oakland to destroy the bathroom and maybe check out the USS Hornet. Last stop is Drake’s Barrel House for beers and food (trucks). Afterwards it’s either pedal back to Paragon or hop on Bart ($3.40 to Richmond). This is a Party Pace, no fee/no drop ride that will take longer than it should. Bring cash for beers/food/Bart if you want to partake in those activities. If SF Gate says more than 50% chance of rain then the ride is off.

Ride Start:
9 AM
Paragon Machine Works
253 South 25th St
Richmond, CA 94804



Meet Your Maker, January 25, 2014. Paragon Machine Works to Drakes Barrel House, 35 miles. Ride starts at 9 AM from PMW, donuts and coffee available from about 8 AM until they’re gone. Allow at least 4+ hours for the ride. At any point, riders can head east to find a BART station for a bail out. The closest we get to BART is Pass and Stow, or Jack London Square. There is a lot of broken glass and road debris. Put on your chunky tires and bring a spare tube and tools. Except for the Bay Bridge and a bit of Oyster Point, this ride is dead flat.

The simple route is to head south on the Bay Trail from PMW. A few points:

  1. Go around Golden Gate Fields on the bay side. We’ll be in the back parking lot, and come out onto the Bay Trail at Gilman Street.
  2. At Powell Street, go left under the freeway. Go right on Christie Avenue, right on Shellmound Street.
  3. Keep your eyes peeled for the Bay Bridge bike path on the right. We’ll go out and back. If some riders want to skip this, they can continue to Pass and Stow, 305 Center Street, Oakland.
  4. Coming off the bridge, we’ll head down Maritime Street to Pass and Stow. Snack break and regroup here, but let’s try and keep the momentum moving forward.
  5. Follow the route map to the Oakland Airport. Because of limitations in Google Maps, I couldn’t get the true route on the map. Ignore steps 74 to 145. Continue on Ron Cowan Parkway to Airport Drive. Go left on the bike path underneath the new BART shuttle. Take the next U-turn on the bike path and cross the bridge to Oyster Point. Once you cross the bridge, make a left turn to get to Davis Street to take the short route to Drake’s. Better still, go right for a lap of Oyster Point. Head east on Williams Street, left on West Gate Parkway and get to Drake’s from the south.
  6. The ride is FINISHED at Drake’s Barrel House, San Leandro. Drake’s does not serve food, but they do have snack items and food trucks in the parking lot. Outstanding selection of ales on tap. OK to bring your own food. To get to BART from Drake’s, continue east on Williams, turn left into the BART parking lot as you go under the BART tracks. For those riding back, the route can be reversed, or head north on Dolittle Drive for a short route to the south end of Alemeda. There are other routes as well, riders should do route checking on their own if they plan to ride back.



Jan 25, 2014


30 mile road/town/path ride along the Bay Trail to the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island, and Alameda


TERRAIN Road/Town/Path