The Meet Your Maker Tour is your invitation to ride alongside and hang out with some of Northern California's best bicycle frame builders and component makers.

No stuffy convention halls, no dim fluorescent lighting, just a good time hanging out and talking shop while we partake in the incredible road and mountain biking we are so fortunate to have around the Bay Area. If you're in the market for custom bike, come on out and talk to the local builders in person while we spend time doing what we really love, riding bikes!


June 4, 2016

Plumas County, CA

DISTANCE 100 mile route with over 7,000' elevation gain, 60 mile route with over 4,000' elevation gain, 30 mile route with over 2,000' elevation gain. Course features 8 theme based aid stations.

The Lost & Found course features a perfect blend of pavement, dirt road, gravel road and historic railroad grade.


June 18, 2016

Sacramento, CA

DISTANCE 37-50 miles
TERRAIN Road and/or Gravel

No fee, supported, casual ride. 50 mile Delta Road and gravel route or 37 mile road only route. Raffle benefitting Chako Pitbull Rescue and PB SOC.


Oct 8, 2016

Quincy, CA

TERRAIN Everything!

In short, Grinduro is just what the name suggests: Gravel Road Race + Mountain Bike-Style Enduro = one long loop of pavement and dirt, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four timed segments (each roughly five-to-seven minutes).