Meet Your Maker #1 Recap

Posted Jun 1, 2012

Meet Your Maker Ride #1 is in the books and as far as we can tell it was a complete success! Huge thanks to Jeremy Sycip and Jason Silverek for opening their shop to a bunch of heathens (and to Jason again for the photos). No doubt they will be finding empties all over their shop for weeks to come. And big slaps on the back to Curtis Inglis who ran herd at the back of the pack so we didn’t lose anyone. Bro’s BBQ did a killer job on the paella and our anonymous beer sponsor set us up right with libations. The ride itself went off without a hitch. Beautiful day, killer trails, great people. A fine reminder of how lucky we all are to be a part of such a great cycling community and of what a gem Annadel State Park is. Part of the ride fee ($8 from each rider) will be donated to the park to cover the day pass which helps keep the park open in these tough economic times. Thanks to everyone who came out and we’re looking forward to the next MYM Ride!

Thanks to Steve Smith for the photographs!